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6th Class - End of Year Graduation

Dear 6th Class.

We hope that you had a memorable time with us here at Glounaguillagh National School. Exciting times await you on your new journey to Secondary School. Hopefully you will always keep a little piece of Glounaguillagh in your heart!

I wanted to share with you a number of videos and photos to mark the end of your time with us.

1. Classroom Chronicles, Graduation Special -

2. Class of 2020 - Photo Collage and Staff messages (attached)

3. Graduation Video -

4. Video Messages from some special guests -

When we commenced Sixth Class, we could never have envisaged that the last term and a half would materialise as it has.

You have been a wonderful class throughout your time in Glounaguillagh National School and we are certainly going to miss you all very much.

We wish you all good health, happiness and hope that all of your dreams come true!❤

We look forward to marking this special time properly as soon as we are able to do so.

Best wishes,

Ms. Sinéad Pigott



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