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Return to Educational Facility - Declaration Form


In cases where a student has been absent from school for one or more days, parents/guardians are to complete the "Return to Educational Facility Parental Declaration Form".


Going forward, this form will be used in all cases where a child is returning to the school after any absence.

This form will also be used in cases where a child is sent home from school due to their feeling unwell. The form must be completed prior to their return to the school.

Please contact the school if you have any questions regarding same.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Return to Educational Facility

Parental Declaration Form

Please fill out the following health declaration form prior to your child returning to school. If you have more than one child, a separate form must be completed for each child.

Declaration: I have no reason to believe that my child has infectious disease and I have followed all medical and public health guidance with respect to exclusion of my child from educational facilities.

Thanks for submitting!

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