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Board of Management

  • Patron : Bishop Ray Browne

  • Patron's Nominee: Fr. Kevin Sullivan

  • Chairperson : Seamus O'Shea

  • Principal : Sinéad Pigott

  • Teacher Nominee : Fiona Doyle

  • Parent Nominee: Fergus Clifford

  • Parent Nominee: Sinéad Russell

  • Community Nominee: John Anthony O'Brien

  • Community Nominee: John Quirke


Boards of Management of primary schools are appointed for a four year term. The term of office for new Boards of Management is from 1 December 2023 to 30 November 2027.

The Board manages the school on behalf of the Patron and is accountable to the Patron and the Minister. The Board must uphold the Catholic ethos of the school and is accountable to the Patron for so doing. The Principal is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school, including guidance and direction of the teachers and other staff of the school, and is accountable to the Board for that management.


All Boards of Management of primary schools assuming office from 1 December 2011 onwards are required to adhere to the provisions of the Constitution of Boards and Rules of Procedure 2011. It is acknowledged that the most effective Boards also have a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities and ensure that these are fulfilled. The Board should adopt a child-centred approach to all of its work. It must also have regard to the efficient use of resources (particularly the grants provided by the State), the public interest in the affairs of the school and accountability to students, parents and the community.

It is important that from the outset, the Board carefully considers its role and responsibilities and identifies the key activities and priorities that it will address during its term of office. These will vary from school to school depending on the school’s individual circumstances. The following is an outline of some key activities in which effective Boards typically and routinely engage:


School Planning

Under the Education Act, 1998, it is the responsibility of the Board to arrange for the preparation of a school plan, and to ensure that it is regularly reviewed and updated. The School Plan sets out the educational philosophy of the school, its aims and how it proposes to achieve them. Pupil learning needs are at the centre of all planning, and the focus of the school plan should be the teaching and learning that takes place in the school.



Under the Education Act 1998 a school is required to establish and maintain systems whereby the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations can be assessed. Effective Boards are keenly aware that self-evaluation is central to school improvement and will ensure ongoing evaluation and review of both the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the school and of the Board itself.


Teaching and Learning

Under the Education Act 1998, the Principal and the other teachers, under the direction of the Principal, have statutory responsibility for the instruction provided to students in the school and shall, inter alia, encourage and foster learning in students, regularly evaluate students and report the results of the evaluation to the students and their parents.


Management of Resources

Section 15 of the Education Act, 1998 requires the Board of Management, in carrying out its functions, to have regard to the efficient use of resources (and, in particular, the efficient use of state funds). Boards therefore have a statutory duty to ensure that appropriate systems and procedures are in place to ensure school resources (including grants, staffing and other resources) are managed appropriately and efficiently and in a manner that provides for appropriate accountability to the relevant parties


School Policies

The Board has overall responsibility for school policies. There are, therefore, a range of different school policies that Boards will, from time to time, be involved in developing, implementing and reviewing as appropriate. Examples include the Admission (enrolment) Policy, Child Protection Policy, Code of Behaviour/Anti-bullying policy, Complaints Procedures

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