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Old photographs - new display area

We received a lot of lovely photographs during our 125 celebrations a number of years ago. We thought it would be a nice idea to display some of these photographs in the school so we enlisted the help of Carol Naughton to do so.

Carol took away a box of old photographs and frames and used her talents to create this new space.

The centre piece of the design was made by local man, Myles O'Brien. Mrs. O'Mahony gave Myles one of the old floor boards after the leak earlier in the year and asked Myles to create the piece using same.

1887 is the year the current school opened.

The frame underneath the wooden piece will be used to hold a written explanation of what the centre piece is and how it came about. This will be written by the children from 6th class on return in September.

Many thanks to both Carol and Myles for their help on this project.


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