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A few points to note...

We understand that the range of access to technology is varied and that accessing work on tablets, etc. is not ideal. This is uncharted territory for all of us and we will experience challenges as we go along. However, by working together, we will make the most of the situation we are now faced with.


We realise that not all households have access to a printer. It is not a requirement to print any of the work uploaded as part of the weekly work. It is very acceptable to complete the activities in a copybook/on paper.


Parents are encouraged to submit their children's work to the platform being used by each teacher. The teachers are available to offer feedback on the work undertaken by the children. We understand that some parents may be satisfied with monitoring the children's work themselves but we would encourage you to acknowledge that you have received the work assigned and submit the finished work, if at all possible. All teachers wish to acknowledge the great efforts being made by our pupils and the support of parents to stay on top of their schoolwork. If you are experiencing difficulty with any aspect of the online learning, please let the class teacher know by email.


Parents of pupils who receive extra support from Mrs. Doyle, Mrs. Phelan or Ms. O'Sullivan are encouraged to email these teachers, at the school address, and they will reply, offering advice around how to support your child during this time.


At this time, we will not be organising for the collection of school books from the school. With the current restrictions in place, it would be very unwise to do so. Advice received from the HSE, before the stricter restrictions were put in place, was not to organise any such collection. We will re-assess if/when the current restrictions are relaxed enough to facilitate same.


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